Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Much has changed...

So after a loooong leave of absence, I am back in full force.

This absence was from a few things that happened to the Bevan  family- first of which was finding out we were about to expand...(well i would expand first then the rest would follow suit) Yes, we found out we were pregnant.
Much to our surprise though as we had a complication in theatre when I had Aidan, and were told that having a second baby was very very slim indeed, - so much for the slim chances, when we got to the doc for our first check up she was gob smacked, although extremely happy with this news we went into this pregnancy with much more caution, as we would have to keep a very close eye on my placenta to make sure it didn't do what it did when we had Aidan, my diagnosis with him was Placenta percreta (the more dangerous form of accreta.

I had to have scans with the specialist (aside from my regular check up scans) on a monthly basis, however this pregnancy went pretty smoothly, I even put on only half of what I had with Aidan (maybe it because of having to run around after him so much??!!)

We also decided we wanted to find out what baby's sex was, I think mainly due to my dislike of surprises and also we (whole family unit) were too excited to wait... BUUUT baby Bevan was having none of this and made us wait long into the pregnancy, and even then when we managed to 'trick' baby with a serious under bum shot, we were only give a 60/40% of what baby was going to be, even having to double check at our 30 week 4D scan.

Anyway Aidan was awesome with this whole new baby coming story that we didn't even have to worry about the 'new baby jealousy routine' he was convinced that he too had a baby in his tummy and that that was why his belly button was sticking out...(oh the innocence of a 3yr old!)

Well the due date arrived and mom went into hospital, all cool calm and collected- which shocked some of the nurses (dont think they have seen many calm Caesar moms.)
Cera Lei was born at 8.48am at 48cm tall and 3.230kg and already had daddy wrapped around that teeny weeny pinky finger when she did the full on 'sulky dropped lip cry' she had perfected in the tum...
She looked JUST like her big brother...

Check what's coming soon guys...

2 days before the big arrival

Happy 3 (soon to be happy 4)


check my heartsore cry everyone

Proud big brother

Happy family

Happy to have his sister home

Hmm I love this nude feeling...

Fat chats with daddy

Me thinks Im hungry again

Sleeping fairy Princess

A month old

Sitting with my big brother

We also had to deal with the death of 2 pets, this year which has been heartbreaking to say the least...
In April we had to put Tigger down because he had developed septicemia following an attack from another cat in the complex, the fact that I was 8months pregnant and having to have the 'death talk with Aidan just got me, but what I had overheard Aidan saying to Tigger before I could talk with him both broke my heart (even more) and warmed it all at the same time. He told Tigger that he mustn't worry because he will be going to live by Jesus, and that Jesus will make him better and he will have fun there.

But then this last weekend that was so icy cold, his Guinea Pig, Winnie (which was a present from Cera) died from cold. The thing is we don't know exactly how to break the news of this death to him as Winnie was in perfect health and was played with right up until she passed, for the time being we have told him that she has gone to live by her friends house until it gets warm here again.

Aidan and Winnie.

Aidan has Also been going to BIG school (Kloof Pre Primary) and has been loving EVERY minute of it, he is always excited to tell us what he has done. We can definitely see the change in him, he has grown into such a special caring little boy.

My handsome little guy.

We truly are blessed to have such wonderful, gorgeous children .

I am hoping to get into the swing of blogging again as life in the Bevan household becomes a laugh a minute with the thing Aidan says...

The next blog will focus on all the funny things that come from him. 

Until next time

Thursday, July 7, 2011

So much fun so little time

So once again my blogging duties took a back seat to all the crazy fun we have been having... its been such a long time since our last blog on cutting hair that lo and behold the hair has grown back thick and fast...
Not only did our hair grow during this time but so did our vocabulary we are now babbling the hind legs off of donkeys, horses, dogs, cats...(well just about every animal that has four legs really)

And with all the new words/ sentences comes the laughs and the cheek... and wow the imagination is running wild in that little head.

So since the haircut, we have welcomed a new friend/ "Godsister" to the mix, and Aidan Just LOVES little Becca.

We had some animal fun at Mitchell Park with Kyla-Lee, Candice and Ryan:

We have also had a bit of fun over Easter here at home and away down the coast

Easter at home

Easter Monday In Umzumbe

Tuesday at Tweni beach

At Tweni beach

 We did the ECR Big Walk in May:

Then off to the Royal Show in June:

So those are Miniature horses you say??
I want a horsie...

Kisses for the horse

Hold on Kyla, i dont know how stable this cow is...

Gotta copy the cow, he licks his leg i lick mine.

We also had a bit of a tile incident(apparently insurance doesnt pay if the damage is due to a cats fart):
As Aidan would say: "Tigger Poep"
Wow Tiggs...

He sure can raise a place cant he?

We then Durban July'ed it up at the Greyville racecourse:

About to leave
The Pretorius's

The Bevan's
The 2 Dudes
Nearing the finish
BEEEG crowd
The Winner and Placers
Victory Lap

 And then we had a bit of funny face fun:

Look at how big im getting.

 All in all a great few months was had and we are looking forward to a few more!

Bye for now